Palmyra Werewolves

Palmyra Werewolves


Shelley Martin and her husband Eric had a remarkable experience in Palmyra, Maine.


Eric and Shelley’s residence was on Madawaska Road, and the experiences occurred on Labor Day weekend 2007. Their 18-year-old daughter was asleep upstairs while Shelley and Eric were on the porch when suddenly Eric told Shelley she should go inside the house immediately. Before going inside, the couple saw three large creatures whose pupil-less eyes reflected yellow-green and ran on hind legs shaped like a dog’s. Eric and Shelley were shocked. The creatures appeared to be about 7 feet tall and had short tails less than a foot long. The creatures were covered in short fur; one beast was light brown and the other two were dark brown. They had pointed ears that started at the jaw and ran up the side of their heads so that the inner triangle of the ear extended past the top of their heads.

Two more creatures were noticed which when first seen seemed to be attempting to covertly approach Eric and Shelley on their porch. When spotted, these two creatures also rose up and ran on their hind legs like the first three. The couple now raced inside the house. Shelley said they looked “sleek” when they ran on two legs, not at all clumsy, although their posture was slightly hunched at the base of the neck. Although their body fur was smooth, around their heads it “looked wilder and stuck out.”


Eric had guns stored in a barn and wanted to try to get them, an idea that Shelley flatly negated. While Shelley went through the house closing windows, Eric went outside to get the family car backed up to the house so the family could leave their besieged home. At a point in the yard, Eric set off the motion sensors and a light came on. Eric saw that he was face-to-face with one of the creatures. The creature appeared to try to move toward Eric but the light appeared to stop it. Eric hurried back inside.


The couple eventually went to sleep and in the morning they began to investigate their yard. They found tracks described as “over-large dog prints with a ‘hook’ on the end that made them longer.” Eric and Shelley had seen strange lights emanating from a swampy area near their home preceding the night encounter with the five creatures. Also prior to that Labor Day weekend, Eric had been seeing the apparition of a girl dressed in old-fashioned clothing in the house.


This tale of high strangeness comes from Shadows in the Woods: A Chronicle of Bigfoot in Maine by Daniel S. Green. You can also watch “Wolfpack” on Paranormal Witness (aired Wednesday, August 7, 2013), although Shelley and Eric were unhappy with the many embellishments and exaggerations producers made to their story.


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